Our Strengths

Experience and achievements acquired through our long history and our agility to meet the needs of the times

  • Experience and achievements acquired over the past 135 years

    We, as spice experts, have accumulated experience through our practices over the 135 years since our foundation. K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd. has grown and deals with more than 300 items of merchandise and products. The experiences we have accumulated so far are our assets, and they will lead us to greater heights.
    We will continue to make our utmost efforts to provide support for our customers to work on challenges such as quality improvement and the development of new products.

  • Relationships of mutual trust with our suppliers

    We have been trading with overseas suppliers who understand our business philosophy and can meet our quality requirements.
    The size of the Japanese market is smaller than those of America and Europe. The severe quality requirements in the Japanese market, whose size is not large enough, make the barriers to entry high and business more difficult.
    A means of overcoming such obstacles is the relationships of mutual trust we have built over a long period of time with our suppliers.
    The relationships between K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd. and its overseas suppliers are not based only on trading, but also on trusting and cooperating with each other as equal partners.
    We will continue to make bold efforts to deepen our relationships of trust and realize better service in the future.

  • Our agility to respond to the changing times

    In order to respond to the constantly changing market trends surrounding food, we established the Kobe Spice Center in west of Kobe. We have developed a system that enables low- to high-volume production and make efforts to stably supply products that meet a wide range of customer needs.
    In 2011, we started importing wine and olive oil. We have now expanded our business to not only raw materials for food manufacturers but also products for retail. We will create future value with passion by leveraging our achievements and experience, through which we have realized tangible solutions to meet the needs of our customers.