Company Profile

Message from the Chairman

K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd., founded in 1883, as a trading company with a focus on food, has consistently supplied products that can meet the diversifying needs of the times.
In the field of spices, which are our core business, we have maintained the highest volume of imports in the industry. At the Kobe Spice Center, which was built in the Kobe Techno-logistics Park in Nishi-ku, Kobe City in 2011, we have developed a system that enables high-mix low-volume production, and we offer customized spices that meet customers’ requests.
I believe that even end users who do not know our company name, K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd., likely taste and enjoy our merchandise through the medium of dishes prepared by major food manufacturers and at famous restaurants.

As 2018 marks the 135th anniversary of our foundation, I look back on our history and recognize that K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd. has grown into what it is today because we have always quickly responded to the changing times. I believe that it is our mission for the future to create new businesses by leveraging our know-how about customer service and networks of trust that have been accumulated in layers throughout our history.

In order for K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd. to continue our sustainable businesses for the next 50 or even 100 years, we will also make greater efforts to expand the range of our merchandise, including not only foods but also non-food items suited to the needs of the times.
As the economic environment is constantly changing, we, as a partner who solves our customers' problems, will discover raw materials and final merchandise with high added value and safety, and create new value.

We will anticipate the needs of the future and aim to be a constantly evolving trading company. Stay tuned and see what K. Kobayashi will accomplish in the future.

Representative Director and Chairman
Yutaka Nishimatsu