The strong points of K. Kobayashi & co., ltd.

K. Kobayashi's strong points are experience gained over many years and mobility to respond to the needs of the times

  • Experience of food trade

    As a specialist of spices, K. Kobayashi has been experienced through the practice of its founding 135 years.
    It is the field leader in spice import volume, producing about 4,000 tons a year, boasting about 300 items in Japan with the most items handled. In our own factory in Kobe City Nishi Ward, which we invested about 2 billion equipment costs, we have prepared a system that can cope with small quantities of various kinds and customized products that meet customers' requests. The accumulation leads to even higher expertise.
    From purchase, sales, quality control, experience value in food importation is K. Kobayashi's wealth. We regularly visit overseas to improve the quality of raw materials as well as develop new business partners, we will fully support to solve the customer's problem.

  • Trust relationship with supplier × needs

    K. Kobayashi clears Japan's strict standards and deals with suppliers overseas which we can accept the contents we requested in detail. Compared to the United States and Europe, the Japanese market is still small in scale. Presenting the harsh conditions of Japan with small quantities makes business barriers high and difficult. The means to overcome it is the relationship of trust with suppliers that our company has cultivated. Sending a sorting machine to the place of production with free of charge or giving guidance about quality, our company and our suppliers are not just relationships to exchange things. The circumstances that we cooperated with each other and developed change as a business has resulted in an understanding of overseas suppliers to the Japanese market and has completed business as an equals partner who can trust each other.

  • Mobility corresponding to needs and times

    K. Kobayashi completed its own factory "Kobe Spice Center" in Nishi ward, Kobe City so that high quality products can be supplied stably. We respond to a wide range of customers' needs such as price, taste, specifications and quantity, and we are delivering raw materials by primary processing. Also starting importing wine and olive oil from 2011. We are working to expand handling not only raw materials but also final products.
    In Japan where the environment surrounding foodstuffs is dramatically changing, we will make use of the achievements and experience of shaping customer's needs and will continue to make proposals for products that anticipate value for the next generation.