Efforts for safety and security

We have acquired the international standard "FSSC 22000" in order to deliver high quality and service with high customer satisfaction.
Under the management system centered on the quality control room, we will provide "safe and stable products" to customers stably.


Our company imports spices with commitment to quality. For raw materials procured from countries around the world, employees themselves go to the site to establish traceability, and we are making efforts to establish a survey system such as quality and agricultural chemicals usage situation.

  • Aflatoxin
  • Residual pesticide
  • Allergen substances
  • Genetically modified food
  • Food additive
  • Radiation sterilization

Product quality

Quality is confirmed by conducting physicochemical inspection, microbial inspection, sensory inspection, etc. of raw materials and work in progress / products to be produced.

  • Physicochemical examination
    Water inspection, essential oil inspection, particle size distribution inspection, pungent ingredient inspection etc.
  • Microbial examination
    Number of general viable bacteria, number of thermostable bacteria, coliform bacteria group
  • Sensory inspection, storage test

We aim to provide stable "safe and secure food" to our customers,
always making improvement, continuation, efforts.